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Meet Jennifer- Crazy Super Mommy

As I sit here typing I have about 500 million things to do. I have at least 10 tabs open on my browser, 15 more images I need to finish editing in Photoshop, Facebook posts to attend to and emails I must answer and every other thing a mom has to do.

If you don’t know me then here is the quick low down. By normal standards….I passed the crazy mark awhile ago. I am a mommy to 6 kids (biological & adopted), a Wife, Registered Nurse, IBCLC (Boob Expert), Educator, Owner of Baby Bliss Studio & Jennifer Watkins Photography (Photographer), and to top it off I homeschooled my children for years.

I feel like I need an assistant for all my children's doctors appointments, therapy visits, IEP meetings, school concerts and everything in between. Whoever said that it gets easier as they get older has lied to you. The laundry is NEVER will never be rid of it, find a new dream. I can never find matching shoes or socks when needed and the amount of cups of half drank glasses that "aren't mine" is a daily battle. I work hard to plan meals due to food allergies and sensory issues and 90% of the time the kids "think it's disgusting".

So why add writing about my life to the mix? Because my life is comical. There is never a dull moment around here and I can’t keep all this goodness to myself. I want to share my journey with you.

Now my journey won’t be all rainbows and lollipops, lets face it, kids are gross little creatures and even super mommy’s have their struggles.

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