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The Premonition

In January my oldest son turned 18. He was the one that started this journey of mine and I will never forget the moment I found out.

I was living in North Carolina at the time and thought I had a UTI, so I made an appointment with the local clinic. The place I went to always asked if they could draw your blood since they were a training facility. At the time I thought nothing about it and went ahead and let them take a blood sample. After it was confirmed I had some lady issues going on I was prescribed medication and sent on my way.

While on the drive home I got a phone call from my mom. She stated she had the craziest dream last night. Of course I wanted to know all the details! My mom and I are very vivid dreamers and can remember everything from our dreams down to the smell, taste, music playing and so forth. She began to tell me that she was shopping at the mall, there was Christmas music playing and it was the last minute rush before the holiday. As she was walking down past the stores she saw a person with long dark hair and a red shirt. For some reason she was very interested in this person working at the jewelry store and couldn’t look away. As she began to walk closer to the store, the girl turned around and had a very large baby bump where she rested her hands. The girl looked up and it was me.

Now I am laughing and telling my mom not to worry as I just had a UTI and some female issues and that I was just coming back from the doctor. My mom seemed very distraught and starting asking me a thousand questions. At this time my other line started to beep in on the phone. My caller ID showed it was the doctor’s office. I have about a million allergies to medications so I told my mom I needed to make sure everything was ok. I remember clicking over to the other line and the lady asking if I was indeed Jennifer and confiming my information. She stated I was unable to take the medication they prescribed. At this point I think it is because of my allergies and am still blissfully unaware. I ask the nurse why I cannot take the medication and she states “because it isn’t good to take in your first month of pregnancy”.

At this point I almost crashed the car. I pulled over into the first parking lot I could find. For a moment my world spun. The nurse apologized and stated that when they ran the bloodwork it showed I was pregnant. I couldn’t breathe. She ended the call after getting the prescription fixed and I switched back over to my mother.

I didn’t even have to say anything. She knew. We were 500 miles apart, but she knew.

Fast forward nine months. I decided to get an apartment in Cincinnati to be closer to family when I was about six months pregnant. I had done a co-op with a jewelry store when I was in high school so they hired me back. I was due in January with a baby boy. My mom and dad went out last minute Christmas shopping one day and I was working a shift at the mall. I’ll never forget turning around and seeing my moms face. When I looked down I had on a red maternity shirt, my hair was left hanging long down my back and I was about ready to pop. In that moment I knew her premonition had come true.

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