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What To Bring To The Hospital When You Deliver Your New Baby!

It's almost time to welcome your newest family member! I often see a lot of moms wondering what they should bring to the hospital. While working in the hospital the last 12 years and birthing four children here is what I recommend.

Bathroom Items:

  • Shampoo & conditioner with regular shower supplies- taking a shower after you give birth is one of the best feelings ever.

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush-you really don't want the hospitals

  • Towel- this is not required but I feel like the towels they give you are the size of a hand towel. You need like 5 to dry off.

  • Deodorant-this doesn't really need a description.

  • Hair brush and extra hair ties

Bed Items:

  • Pillow-5 hospital pillows equal one of yours

  • Blanket- Find a nice comfortable blanket

For Mom:

  • Dark comfortable pants- You are going to bleed more than you think! Trust me on this one. Dark larger size clothing is your friend.

  • Extra high control top underwear- Again think the largest, high waisted, boy shorts. It will feel so much better when you have nice area covering underwear when you are wearing a diaper (yes, you and the baby)

  • Robe-I guarantee you will still be naked half the time, but the robe helps

  • Slippers- The floors are gross

  • Sports bra if you are not breastfeeding

For Partner:

  • Sleeping supplies- Their bed sucks. It's ok, you just delivered a human being. They will survive.

  • Chargers for electronics

  • Ibuprofen-this will help with the sore body after sleeping in the chair/bed

For Baby:

  • A few outfits-don't worry about dressing them the first few days. They are literally pooping and puking machines. Use the stuff they give you at the hospital. You only need an outfit for pictures (optional) and going home. Save the laundry

  • A few blankets-Use the hospital ones during your stay

  • That's truly it! They don't really need anything. You can bring a nail file (NOT clippers), a few diapers or other items but you won't use them.

  • A car seat to go home-must bring it in. Don't need to till after you deliver

Breastfeeding Moms:

  • Nursing tank top-don't go crazy on the bra buying yet. You don't know how big your girls are going to get. Wait till after you milk comes in and engorgement phase is over. Just get a few to hold you over.

  • Nipple cream- Nipple butter, Nipple crack, anything organic. They give you lanolin, but it's very sticky and not as nice as the lanolin free ones.

  • Breast pads- even if you aren't going to breastfeed your breasts will leak. You need to change the pad every few hours. If you leave wet pads you can get yeast infections.

  • A nursing nightgown is amazing and helps you from sleeping naked half the night.

  • Breast pump (optional)

Extras that I pack:

  • Heating pad-sometimes the hospitals don't have them even when they tell you they do.

  • Body pillow-I cannot sleep without mine

  • Sound machine-helps block out all the noise

  • Extra large overnight pads-they do give you them. I just hated the hospitals and do better with my own.

  • A water bottle

  • Coffee pods and supplies- I am a coffee snob and must have my stuff

  • Extra clothes- you will get puked on, leak or bleed on something

  • Snacks-the hospital cafeteria is closed...a lot. You are STARVING after delivering a baby.

  • If you wear contacts, bring your glasses as well!

This is not an all inclusive list! But it will help you figure out what you might want to bring. I use a large luggage bag with wheels. There is no reason you shouldn't be comfortable before and after delivering your baby.

If you have any questions or would like to tell me what you brought that helped you, please send me an email or comment below!

Good luck on your new adventure!

Crazy Super Mommy- Jennifer

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